Shadow Custom Club – Honda Shadow Owners Club Spain

The Shadow Custom Club was born as a forum in response to the need for a common place where all owners of a motorcycle of this model could raise their doubts and propose solutions to the problems of others.

Little by little, like so many other forums and clubs, the forum components were organized to make routes and meetings to get to know each other personally and after a few years and by decision of the majority, the Shadow Custom Club was created as a non-profit society, having as ends the development and practice of motorcycling from a playful, responsible and non-sporting point of view, in which no distinction is made between race, sex or motorcycle brand, education for its proper use, collaboration in the development of safety road, consumer protection within the motorcycle world and the participation and promotion of charitable events related or not to the world of motorcycle.

These aims and the policies carried out by the successive Boards of Directors have fostered the growth of the club and have consolidated it thanks to its good work and the close relationship of the members and the bonds of friendship that have been created over time. .

At this point, we are proud to invite you to participate in our next international meeting with the desire to expand the horizons of all and share those moments that we will all remember in time.

Health and good route!

We wait for you!

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